Flower Vases

Community Jar Upcycle from @jodianne_ See upcycling details


  • Empty Moccona jars
  • Pink Acrylic matt paint
  • White Acrylic matt paint
  • Black Acrylic gloss paint
  • Soft paint brush
  • Flowers from your garden or your local florist


  1. Clean Moccona jars, remove labels and lids. Rinse all soapy water, fingerprints or grease.
  2. On a protected surface and in open air, paint the jars. Two coats will reduce the brush strokes, although 4 coats of paint on the white jars were needed to make the brush strokes disappear.
  3. Let the painted jars dry overnight.
  4. Arrange your flowers so that when they catch your eye your heart sings with joy.