• Empty Moccona jars
  • Cardboard
  • Balsa wood
  • Fine sand
  • Pens
  • Stanley Knife
  • Long tweasers
  • Wooden skewer
  • Fine cotton string
  • Wood glue
  • Ruler, to cut with the Stanley knife on the balsa wood


  1. Clean large Moccona jars, remove labels and lids. Rinse all soapy water, fingerprints or grease.
  2. Design your scene on the cardboard and cut the shapes out. It is a good idea to draw the design on both sides given the 360' view.
  3. For solid objects, draw the 3 dimensional shape on balsa wood and cut them out using your stanley knife.
  4. Glue the cardboard and/or 3 dimensional balsa wood pieces together, leave it to dry overnight.
  5. Put enough sand in the bottom of the jar to anchor your cardboard and/or 3 dimensional balsa wood pieces.
  6. Using long tweasers to place the pieces, it makes it easier to reach into the jar.
  7. If you want floating clouds or steam, pop a tiny hole in your cardboard shape and feed through the fine cotton string.
  8. Cut the wooden skewer slightly longer than the diameter of the jar opening. Then tie the string that's connected to the cardboard shape to the middle of the skewer. You may find the string is too long so wind it up to the desired length and pop a dab of wood glue so that the string dries in place.
  9. Display your diorama in a place of great honor to remind yourself how clever you are.